NT advances strategic technologies through vetted national and international consortia, testbeds, demo labs, and innovation centers within zero-trust environments.

Its mission-driven team of trusted experts specialize in microelectronics, 5G, emerging manufacturing, unconventional energy, hypersonics, space, sensors and cybersecurity, with a commitment to job creation and sustainable economic development.

NT Initiatives

Indiana 5G Zone

The Indiana 5G Zone provides secure telecommunications infrastructure across industries and optimizes data for rapid monitoring, analysis, applications of AI and machine learning, all of which enhance key performance indicators for companies and government. All of this is done within a trusted environment, which protects IP and operations for industry and government. Indiana 5G Zone leverages the NT Acceleration Process by providing assets with industry sponsors for dual-use innovators including practical labs with state-of-the-art equipment, access to dual-use markets and use cases, facilitated rapid innovation techniques and resources that derisk time, money, facilities and capabilities. The Zone offers new commercial 5G applications such as Smart Manufacturing and Smart Communities to support economic growth. A featured asset is its crypto-agile platform that transparently encrypts IoT data and tracks movement via a trusted management system. The Zone offers Quantum-safe Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) to academic and commercial 5G networks across the United States.

Emerging Manufacturing CoLab Center

Emerging Manufacturing CoLab Center (EMC2) is technology adoption and R&D factory floor. It leases and operates an Indianapolis state-of-the-art facility that houses leading manufacturing technology innovators co-located with potential customers, technology adopters and manufacturing applied researchers. EMC2 also houses educational programs in the classroom and hands on the factory floor to support the Nation's future smart-manufacturing workforce.

Through its partnerships, EMC2 offers groundbreaking manufacturing technology, R&D, matching grants, and business development support for small and medium sized manufacturing companies through the NT Acceleration Process. This includes rapid commercialization, incubation, and various forms of venture capital.

Trusted Microelectronics Center

NineTwelve established the Trusted Microelectronics Center (TME) for the semiconductor industry to conduct emergent design, testing and evaluation of components while developing Indiana’s workforce and supply chains to be viable options for future investments. TME leverages the NT Acceleration Process in a distributed model. This Hub-and-Spoke model with an Indiana Hub and Spokes across select states and sites leverages public and private-sector assets for business expansion and attraction. A featured TME platform is a Microelectronics Consortium that teams Indiana companies with U.S. and partner nation industry leaders.

Center for Unconventional Energy

The Center for Unconventional Energy (CUE) utilizes the NT Acceleration Process to commercialize and scale cutting-edge research and industry innovation. In unconventional energy, CUE brings to market innovative solutions for advanced and efficient production of chemicals and transportation fuels from hydrocarbons and for feedstock for conversion to liquid fuels. CUE sponsors and develops research, scales innovative processes, and delivers fully commercialized applications with industry partners. In coordination with an industry partner, CUE introduced a groundbreaking non-corrosive material that can be deployed for decades without maintenance in extreme environments. Another breakthrough introduced by CUE with industry is a method to capture hydrocarbons over fracking well-head sites, producing hydrocarbons for reuse and resale.


NineTwelve (NT) locates innovators in secure and certified demonstration labs, called CoLabs. NTs unique CoLab platform accelerates the design and implementation of emergent solutions. Each facility houses state-of-the-art technology compliant with cybersecurity standards, aligned with the CMMC levels and best practices. The NT CoLabs are sponsored by industry and federal funders as part of a network across 5G, Manufacturing, Microelectronics, Unconventional Energy, Hypersonics and other interrelated strategic technologies - each reinforcing the other. NT layers this with: (1) Federal, state, and private funding; (2) IP-protected teaming arrangements with PR and branding support; and (3) Project management services. Together these services comprise the NT Acceleration Process that directly solves innovators’ problems and de-risks their time, money, facilities and capabilities, unlike consortium managers and business consultants who limit their approach.

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